Thursday, October 20, 2005



Thanks to Aro (who's in Spain) I have more result. Read it and weep. (same rules as last time)
Grant has been going to the yogurt dispenser in order to have medical procedures done to his thumbnail. He even had a platypus in his Inner Thigh and he had to Kablam in a liberty.
Grant works at a Shark wrangling company and he makes scoops. He wears a pterodactly green rock-star wrist band and drinks too much molten lava. The high-flying customers really get on his nerves and he wants to face-plant them all.
Grant is in Destruct-o-tron school learning to meow film. He wants to work with rippling people and make stone for a living.
Grant has lots of medical problems. These include: an upper arm that has been broken twice, a nostril clogged with scar tissue, a mohawk that has sharp burning pain every so often, multiple Furbys and Super Ninjas on his leg hairs at any given time, and a rear end that is still not healed after a golfing accident.
Grant is dating Princess Zelda. This upcoming September, they will have been together for 3 1\2 years. Princess Zel always tells Grant to inhale his pie, but Grant never listens. At this very moment, Grant’s penguin is still horribly freaking cold!
Grant is very banished right now and should probably not be yelping on his hair-raising pirate. Since that is the case, he is going to love to dolphin as soon as this ferocious army is completed.
See ya'll next time. I need to find a blanket for my penguin.

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